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A Fresh Approach To Care And Support


Watch our latest video, featuring clients and care support staff in our Surrey project

We're delighted to show you our latest video. Have a look inside one of our supported-living projects and hear both clients and staff talk about life with Field Lane. We hope you enjoy it!

Field Lane is a charity providing care and support for a diverse range of service users, including adults with learning disabilities, vulnerable families – many of who are homeless – and people in need of additional support to stay in their own home or with their families. 


Many of our clients with learning disabilities are also autistic. We actively support improved rights, services and opportunities for people with autism. Our Wood Street and Hollyhocks supported living projects both have official National Autistic Society Accreditation. 

Primarily based in London and the southeast, we have supported living projects in Essex, Surrey and Sussex, and through our subsidiary, FUN, in Suffolk. Our residential centre for vulnerable families is in southwest London. 


We’ve been caring for people since 1841 and have a proud tradition of helping people to overcome challenges so that, with support, they are able to live full lives in their own communities.

Our fresh approach, providing a unique combination of care, accommodation and support, makes a huge difference to the everyday lives of people who are often hidden from view. 

Our vision is for a society where all people have the opportunity for a full life, contributing to and enjoying their local community. Our mission is to provide responsive housing, care and support services to meet the needs of vulnerable individuals and families.  

How We Can Help You


We tailor our support to the individual needs and priorities of every client we work with. We offer compassionate, innovative and individualised care across all our services, from our work in the community, supported housing and our residential centre for vulnerable families. 
We also offer consultancy and management services. With almost 80 years’ experience of running residential care, we understand the challenges that caring for vulnerable people can bring. Our management services are based on our experience of maintaining good services backed up with effective systems. We understand that care charities work best when working together. 

For more information please contact us. 

To find out more about our services and our clients, please watch this short video

Adults With Learning Disabilities


At Field Lane, we have a different approach to supporting adults with learning disabilities. Our aim is simple. To help clients enrich their lives in ways that exceed everyone’s expectations – in every way.


Our work challenges common perceptions of what people with learning disabilities can and can’t do. We provide true personalised support for each individual, focused on their interests and their priorities, not our assumptions about what our clients think...

We have a different approach to supporting vulnerable families. Although we are proud of our long heritage, caring for people since 1841, we offer thoroughly modern specialist support services to families today. It’s not about creating a culture of dependency.


We provide really personalised support with the our aim of helping families gain the confidence and skills they need...

Life Adults With Learning Disabilities

Support For Vulnerable Families

Consultancy And Care Management

Managing an organisation that cares for vulnerable people means having to balance tight resources with increasing responsibilities.


The work is complex and challenging. Field Lane’s management services can be a fully outsourced service, or delivered in-house with our supportive supervision – they can range from a full operational contract to support for in-house services or specific advice...


Ensuring life quality is our mission


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Work with us


Are you looking for a job where you make a real difference? We employ staff across a wide range of jobs to improve the life quality of people in our community. If you would like to join us, please have a look at our current job opportunities.


We have agreed to stick to a set of codes and a fundraising promise, which means we treat our supporters and donors with respect, fairness and honesty and we are always clear about how we raise money.

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