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At Field Lane, we have a different approach to supporting adults with learning disabilities. Our aim is simple. To help clients enrich their lives in ways that exceed everyone's expectations, in every way.

Our work challenges common perceptions of what people with learning disabilities can and can’t do. We provide personalised support for each individual, focused on their interests and their priorities, not our assumptions about what our clients think...

Adults With Learning Disabilities


Support For Vulernable Families

Support For Vulnerable Families

We also have a different approach to supporting families. Although we are proud of our long heritage, putting people before profit since 1841, we offer thoroughly modern specialist support services to families today. It’s not about creating a culture of dependency.


It’s true we do provide really personalised support but our aim is to help families gain the confidence and skills they need...

Consultancy & Care Management

Managing an organisation that cares for vulnerable people means having to balance tight resources with increasing responsibilities.


The work is complex and challenging. Field Lane’s management services can be a fully outsourced service, or delivered in-house with our supportive supervision – they can range from a full operational contract to support for in-house services or specific advice...


Consultancy & Care Management

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