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Consultancy, Care Management And Partnerships


Managing an organisation that cares for vulnerable people means having to balance tight resources with increasing responsibilities. The work is complex and challenging.


Field Lane’s management services can be a fully outsourced service, or delivered in-house with our supportive supervision – they can range from a full operational contract to support for in-house services or specific advice and guidance.


With over 80 years’ experience of running residential care we understand the challenges because we share them. Our management services are based on our experience of maintaining good services backed up with effective systems.


At Field Lane we know that care charities work best when working together. Together we can offer better services, make cash savings and benefit more people. Services available include:


Financial management

Our centralised system offers all aspects of financial control from book keeping to management accounts and full financial services.

Operational management

From manager support to full operational, care and staff management with policies, procedures and fully accredited in-house training, and all based on current experience.


Fully accredited training unit specialising in care and support and mandatory requirements.

Strategic consultancy

Working with Trustees and staff to create and deliver the business plan and a working budget.

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All management and training services are designed around your own requirements and tailored to fit your mission and objectives.


They are based on our experience of successfully managing our own residential, independent housing and supported housing projects and a domiciliary care agency.


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