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Fundraise for Field Lane: Our A to Z of Fundraising

There are many ways you can fundraise for us. Here are some ideas, from A to Z.


Afternoon tea – At work, home, or a local venue, as a nation of tea drinkers, this is bound to go down well.


Bake sale – Bake a cake or two, it could go with the afternoon tea!


Coffee mornings – Many people rely on a coffee to get them through the day, so hosting a coffee morning is a great way to fundraise. 


Dinner party – Pick a theme and invite people to buy a ticket to attend and try your cuisine.


Easter egg hunt – A seasonal favourite. Who doesn’t like hunting for chocolate! 


Football match -– Raise funds by charging a player fee and let spectators donate to take part in a penalty shootout at the end of the match. 


Give it up! – Raise money by giving up something, eg. crisps, alcohol, chocolate, meat, coffee, anything really!


Halloween party – Dress up for All Hallows. Invite guests to pay an entry fee to spend the night scaring each other at a Halloween party.


International day – Choose a country, or go 'around the world', and charge people an entry fee to have a fundraising travel experience.


Jewellery – Do you have piece of jewellery to donate for auction or maybe hold a ‘make-your-own jewellery’ craft session?


Knitting – Use your knitting skills to knit woollies to sell for charity.


Lunch date – Take lunch in for your workmates and charge a small fee to buy from you rather than the sandwich shop.


Marathon events – As well as running, a marathon could be any activity that’s done for a long period of time, non-stop, eg. walking, roller skating, using a running machine, sit-ups etc. 


Name the … – Name the teddy, bunny, jar of sweets, whatever it is you choose, and charge people to guess and win the prize. 


Office collection day – Whether taking round a tin, bringing in cakes to sell or suggesting a dress down day.


Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday – Mix, bake and flip a pancake whilst raising funds.


Quiz night – In the pub, village hall, local sports centre or via Zoom, you can host a quiz anywhere!


Raffle – A raffle is great to have at a charity fundraising event, with many prizes as you like.


Sweepstakes – Often around a sporting event, eg. the World Cup, Wimbledon, the Grand National.


Tug-of-war – A competition between friends or colleagues – in your back garden or the local park.


Uniform free day – Good activity for schools to raise funds.


Valentine's Day – From a speed-dating evening to a full-blown Valentine’s ball or even something small, getting friends and colleagues to bring in something they love to eat, and share – for a small fee!


Walk – From 600 miles to 5k, every step matters.


Xbox – Make this gaming session one that matters by inviting people to play for a donation.


Year to remember – Why not make this year a year to remember, and make a difference? What can you do for 365 days or give up?


Zumba – Ready to feel the rhythm? How about a sponsored Zumba session? ​

There's something for everyone, so feel free to get involved and help make a difference.


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