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Clients thrive on Field Lane’s people-centred approach to care

Field Lane has a people-centred approach to care. Every client is treated as an individual. The aim is to enable clients to lead independent and fulfilling lives, and to enjoy their local community. We rely on a dedicated team of care and support staff to make this happen. We recently spoke to Adele, who has been with Field Lane for 11 years. She told us what it’s like to work in our supported living projects, providing individual care for clients.

What is the best thing about your job?

I have always wanted to work in an environment where I’m helping to enrich people’s lives, not just provide care. At Field Lane you are working directly with individual clients, empowering them to express themselves and make their own choices. That’s the best thing!

What does a typical day look like?

There is no typical day. Each day depends on what each individual client has on their own list of daily activities. The variable staff shifts enable our clients to engage in many different social activities, from walking in the park, shopping, going to the cinema, a restaurant, the gym, or day trips out. We also help them with daily housekeeping tasks, such as cooking and tidying their room.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining the Field Lane care and support team?

In the many years that I have worked with Field Lane, I have felt appreciated. Even during the most difficult times of Covid-19, Field Lane continued to express its appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and commitment of staff. During the pandemic, which was an extremely challenging time for everyone, especially our vulnerable clients, staff worked together as a team, supporting each other, and together we pulled through.

Everything we do is focused on our client’s overall wellbeing. The greatest satisfaction is to see the individuals you work with, live independent and fulfilling lives. That is the most important thing and why this job is so gratifying.

For more information about working for Field Lane, click here.


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