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Trust’s donation helps keep our clients entertained during lockdown

Trying to keep things as normal as possible for our clients during lockdown has been a challenge. Whilst not able to go out and about for the past 11 weeks, our project teams have been finding creative ways to keep clients entertained at home.

This week they were given an extra boost with a generous donation from the FSJ Trust toward buying a Karaoke machine and selection of Nintendo games.

The donation is for our two projects in Southend (Essex) - 12 clients in total. The home entertainment will provide a much needed distraction as lockdown continues and is likely to go on longer for our clients than the rest of the country. Our priority is to keep our clients healthy, safe and happy.

The FSJ Trust incorporates three trusts established at different times by the Fowler Family, Albert & Florence Smith and Edward Cecil Jones. They were all very much ‘Essex people’ and the trust principally supports charities within the county.

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