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Remember Field Lane in your will

These are unprecedented times. Many charities face an uncertain future with levels of funding dropping in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Legacy giving is an area of particular concern. Legacy Foresight recently predicted a decrease of nine per cent in legacy donations this year due to the crisis.

Here at Field Lane our work is partly funded by voluntary contributions and legacy gifts make a significant difference to our income. Legacy income helps us to provide the best possible assistance to our clients, who have varying learning disabilities and complex needs. The bequests have enabled us to give our clients the skills and confidence to make their own way and to lead independent, fulfilling lives.

We are concerned that a sharp decline in legacy giving will severely impact our funding and limit the service we are able to offer our clients and their families.

If you would like more information about how you can leave a bequest to Field Lane, please email:; telephone: 020 7748 0303 or visit the donate page on our website:

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