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Major donation secures the future for Hollyhocks’ sensory room

The Childwick Trust, which provides funding for people with disabilities, has donated £12,000 to Field Lane’s Hollyhocks supported living project. The money is being used to create a sensory room, known by the residents as the Hobbit Room.

Residents at Hollyhocks have learning disabilities and often have to cope with additional complex and challenging conditions. The sensory room – known as a ‘multi-sensory environment’ – will provide a safe, stimulating and calming space for residents who struggle to understand and cope in everyday environments. The room, which will have controlled lighting and sound, is designed to promote interaction and encourage relaxation.

Being able to spend time in the Hobbit will help residents to cope better and reduce the difficulties they face that create obstacles to their enjoyment of life.

Photo: The Hobbit Room, Hollyhocks

The Hobbit Room, Hollyhocks

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