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Profound disabilities no barrier to living life to the full

Badgers does not look or feel like a nursing home, much less a registered facility for people with profound learning and physical disabilities. Instead, with its bright and airy rooms, it more resembles a modern, welcoming family home.

Each of the bedrooms and the living areas would not be out of place in House & Garden magazine. They have all been decorated to the style and taste of the individual resident. There is even a sensory room, a ‘chill-out’ area for when residents need a moment of calm.

The majority of residents, who are aged from 29 to 72, are long-term and all require nursing care. Their range of health needs includes: epilepsy; dementia; feeding and breathing issues; and physical disability. The challenges they face make them particularly vulnerable and needing very specialist care. That is what the team at Badgers provides. However, that care is not just clinical. The team also cater for residents’ social and emotional needs as well and safeguard their privacy and dignity. They all have fun too! There are outings, parties, games, reading, painting, gardening and even a visiting aromatherapist. All this is down to the generosity of Field Lane’s donors, who help raise the money to enable each of Badgers’ residents to live as full a life as possible.

Lyndsay Brown, Badgers’ Manager, says, “I have a wonderful staff team who work hard to provide our residents with an excellent standard of care. We all consider it a privilege and a pleasure to ensure residents lead full and happy lives.”

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