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Palliative care unit opened

People with a learning disability often have unidentified health needs which can make recognising the end of life phase difficult. This will often mean that it is late when people are identified as needing end of life care. This affects the ability to plan and offer choices to the person and their family. It can also lead to difficulties in coordinating and providing the right support. To help with this we have opened a palliative care unit at our nursing home in Badgers.

The unit offers a specialist, person centred approach to end of life care that will give our residents the best quality of life possible. People staying there will always be treated with dignity and respect. They will be given choices and the information needed in a way they can understand to help them make those decisions.

The palliative care unit has three bedrooms with an assisted bathroom. We provide 24 hour nursing care and residents have use of all the facilities at Badgers including the lounge, sensory room and the garden.

People with a learning disability can often suffer from low quality pain management due to communication difficulties and assumptions made by health professionals. Good pain and symptom management is very important – our specialist service has the nursing and care staff needed to ensure that pain levels are monitored effectively and that relief from pain is coordinated and well managed. At Badgers, a visual pain scale is used to support good pain management.

We’ve worked in nursing for many years and the core members of our staff team have worked at the home for many years. That means that where there are complex health problems, we can provide a high level of care and support, whatever the need.

If you would like to find out more about our palliative care unit or about any other aspect of our services please contact us.

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