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Summer is just around the corner

We’re getting ready for summer. With the help of our generous donors, we have been able to install some exciting new equipment in the gardens of some of our projects. We have a brand-new trampoline and an outdoor kitchen.

For many of our clients, who have learning disabilities and autism, everyday life can be difficult to manage, with heightened feelings and behaviours leading to stress and anxiety. The way to help is to find diversions that will calm the anxiety and encourage positive behaviour. Having access to garden-based activities provides an opportunity for these clients to build up confidence and self-esteem, either by participating in the activities, such as cooking in the outdoor kitchen or letting off steam on the trampoline, or just enjoying the experience of being outside and enjoying the garden.

Being able to use the garden space is important for our clients and can provide so much stimulation. Our clients need a lot of support and help to enable them to live independent and fulfilling lives. Having a living environment that offers different activities outside as well as inside the house, gives our clients the space they need to develop and become more confident in managing everyday life.

If you would like to help to make a difference to the lives of our clients, please visit our donate page.


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