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Rosca Trust’s generous donation helps our garden grow

We are delighted to have received a generous donation from the Rosca Trust. Based in Southend, Essex, the trust was originally set up by a local builder, who was well known in the area, the late William Thorby. It supports a wide range of local community charities, particularly those working with people who are disadvantaged, disabled, or excluded from society.

The donation we received will be used to fund the garden refurbishment at our supported housing project in Southend. In addition to learning disabilities, the clients living there have other complex and challenging needs, including autism. Having full use of a garden gives them a safe place in which to relax, develop new skills, and to have fun. The physical activity offered by a garden offers a sustainable and social interest that is of great benefit to both the physical and mental health of our clients.

Our aim is to support our clients to live as independent and fulfilling a life as possible. Being able to enjoy the garden and have easy access to an open, green space makes a material difference to the everyday lives of our clients.


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