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Outdoor adventures that change lives for the better

Photo credit: The Calvert Trust Exmoor

The past two years have been tough for everyone. It has been even more challenging for the most vulnerable members of our society, those who rely on others for care and support. Our priority at Field Lane has always been the safety and wellbeing of our clients and the staff who care for them. Beyond this we are aware of other, less visible effects of the pandemic, the toll it is taking on our clients’ wellbeing and on their mental health.

Skills development and building confidence are key to providing ongoing stimulation and support for our clients. They need opportunities to learn the skills and confidence required to be able to lead as independent and fulfilling lives as possible. These are our main goals as a charity. Due to lockdown, these opportunities were severely curtailed. Without the stimulation provided by external activities and events our clients risk falling behind in their development and the learning of essential life skills. As we emerge out of the crisis and return to some sort of normality, we are keen to enable our clients to resume as many activities as possible, including day trips and holidays. These provide important learning experiences and are great fun too!

One of the favourites is a trip to Devon, to the Calvert Trust’s outdoor activity centre, on Exmoor. The trust offers adventure holidays for people with physical, learning, sensory and behavioural disabilities. Our clients can experience activities they never thought possible, such as abseiling, archery, canoeing, climbing, horse riding, sailing and zip wiring. The trust’s motto - ‘it’s what you can do that counts’ - is true for all the clients who have visited the activity centre.

As well as being an enjoyable and therapeutic learning experience, the adventure holidays increase our clients’ self-confidence. The sense of achievement resulting from these trips gives a huge boost to their self-esteem and has a positive and long-lasting effect on their lives beyond the holiday.

We hope to resume trips to the Calvert Trust centre next year. If you can help us fund this life changing experience for our clients, please donate today.


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