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Nattalie’s musical journey to independence

Our mission at Field Lane is to create a society where all people, especially those who are often hidden from view, have the opportunity to live a full life, contributing to and enjoying their local community. Supported by Field Lane carers, Nattalie is doing just that, living independently in her own home.

Nattalie came to live in one of our supported-living projects in 2010, when she 22 years old. Keen to live independently and pursue her interest in music, Nattalie worked hard to learn key life skills and develop the confidence to manage as much on her own as possible. She thrived during the years living at the project and, six months ago, moved into her own home, where she lives independently, supported by Field Lane carers.

Nattalie said: “I really enjoy living on my own and doing my own thing. I feel a lot more independent now.”

In addition to everyday living, including doing her own housework, washing, shopping, cooking, Nattalie’s time is taken up pursuing her love of music, in particular singing. She performs for a group of friends and family on Facebook – choosing a new song each week, rehearsing and then giving a live performance at the end of the week.

As well as singing, Nattalie plays the keyboard and guitar. She has always loved music and considers it "a gift”. She said: “When I was little, travelling in the car with my mum, she would play reggae music and I could pick out the tune.”

Nattalie has ambitions to build a studio at the back of her home, so she can practice and even record her own music. She also has hopes that after lockdown she'll be able to sing at a local club and go back to having music lessons.

Nattalie’s story is testament to the importance of our approach to social care, which combines care, accommodation, and support to enable adults with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible.


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