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Donation from the Charles S French Trust gives another boost to our Coronavirus Appeal

This donation will help our clients to carry on with their lives in a safe and healthy environment.

We are delighted to have been awarded another generous donation by the Charles S French Charitable Trust. The money is for our Coronavirus Crisis Appeal. The appeal is ongoing as we still need to ensure all our projects have a plentiful supply of PPE to keep our clients and the staff who care for them safe and well.

As the crisis continues the impact it has on everyday lives grows more alarming. It is especially difficult for the more vulnerable members of our society. The nature of our clients’ learning disabilities, which often has related health issues, makes them more susceptible to covid-19. We have been alert to this from the very start of the crisis and put in place stringent measures to keep the virus at bay.

We have also been mindful of the impact of lockdown on our client’s mental health. Stimulation and skills development are critical for their wellbeing. We have had to continually explore different social and learning activities that can be enjoyed safely at home, without risk of coming into contact with the coronavirus.

We are so grateful to the Charles S French Charitable Trust for their donation, which will make a material difference to our clients; enabling them to carry on with their lives in a safe and healthy environment.

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