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Field Lane gets ready for a second lockdown

Going into a second national lockdown is tough enough for everyone, creating stress and uncertainty. The challenges are even more acute for people with learning disabilities, who need familiarity, structure and routine. The nature of their disability means that they often find change very stressful. This can lead to heightened anxiety and behavioural challenges.

Our priority is always to ensure our clients’ wellbeing, not matter how difficult the circumstances. We find ways to help them to manage additional stress and to cope with the change lockdown has forced upon all of us. We have to continue to be creative in maintaining a level of social inaction, activity, skills learning and development.

We learned a lot during the first lockdown, lessons that we can still live by, for example making more use of online communications to keep in touch with family and friends. We’ll have to find more indoor activities, as the garden won’t be an option as winter sets in. Clients are still involved in deciding what these activities might be. We have to carry on with a routine, and with consistent levels of staffing, to help reassure our clients.

The key is maintaining a calm and stress-free environment as much as possible, keeping disruption to a minimum. It won’t be easy but we at Field Lane are up to the challenge. Our teams of staff will support our clients, individually and collectively, to get through these next few months of lockdown, without detriment to the clients’ personal development, helping them to continue to progress toward leading more independent and fulfilling lives.

Please consider making a donation to our Coronavirus appeal, to help us through these next few months. Thank you. Donate here:!/

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