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Small change makes a big difference

The small things in life can often make the biggest difference. This is very true for our clients, who are seeking to lead more independent and active lives. Covering the cost of a day trip, a music lesson, planting a vegetable garden or redecorating a bedroom - each of these seemingly small activities will make a material difference to how our clients experience life.

This is why we have the Small Change Big Difference fund. Any of our clients can apply direct for money from the fund to pay for an activity or project that will support them in achieving more independence, inclusion and confidence.

Last year the fund helped our clients by covering the costs of trips to a theme park, therapy sessions at a day centre, a mini-break and Christmas decorations!

We want all our clients to be as independent as possible, contributing to and enjoying life in their communities. The Small Change Big Difference fund helps us to achieve this aim for individual clients.

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