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Keeping everyone safe and well is our main priority

A message from our chair and chief executive

We have all been impacted dramatically by the spread of the Covid-19 virus and that applies equally to the clients and staff at Field Lane. The situation continues to change very quickly and we have been working hard to respond to advice from Public Health England and the UK Government as to how we manage and support our clients in the current situation.

The main focus at Field Lane has been to keep all our clients, who live in our projects or use our services, and all our staff, safe and well. This has included practising good infection control and keeping everything as clean as possible; this is vital in helping to prevent the spread of the virus.

We had pre-empted the Government’s announcements about limiting unnecessary travel having stopped taking any of our clients to external activities such as day services, the cinema or public events. Instead, we have been doing lots of project-based activities including disco nights, movie nights, baking, artwork and craft activities, pampering sessions, gardening, swing ball and other garden activities. Throughout this period we have also been making plans that will minimise the risks if anyone living in any of our projects becomes unwell.

This has been a difficult time for our clients’ family members too as we have asked them not to visit their relatives. We recognise that this is very hard for them but believe it is in everyone’s best interests and is helping us meet the current recommended guidelines for social distancing and helping to stop the spread of the virus. We are very appreciative of the understanding and support that has been shown in this regard.

Like everyone else we look forward to the time when some sort of normality can return. Our long-term ambitions are unchanged: we want to continue to develop new projects at Field Lane so that we can increase the number of people that we are able to help. However, at the moment, these plans are on hold while we manage the current situation.

We are always amazed by the tremendous support that we receive. Covid-19 has presented us with some significant challenges and these, unsurprisingly, have resulted in additional costs. If you are able to help in any way possible, we would be very grateful. Our head office staff team is working remotely but you can contact them by email or by phone in the usual way if you wish to contact us about anything. Tel: 020 7748 0303; email:; website:

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Alex MacDonald, Chair and Peter Calderbank, Chief Executive (pictured below).

Alex MacDonald, Chair of Field Lane

Peter Calderbank, Chief Executive of Field Lane

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