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Wet room up and running at Ailsa Road

The new wet room is finally up and running at our Ailsa Road project. Eight donors generously contributed to the fund for this work. We are extremely grateful to all of them: the Albert Hunt Trust; the Charis Trust, the Charles French Trust; the Charles S. French Charitable Trust; the Edward Gosling Foundation; the Fowler Smith & Jones Trust; the Sir Robert Horton Charitable Trust Fund; and the SMB Charitable Trust.

The wet room will make life easier for our clients, many of whom have severe mobility issues and find a conventional bathroom difficult, even impossible, to use. The open space of a wet room will enable more clients to use a bathroom independently. That is our primary aim, to enable our clients – who have varying and often very complex needs – to lead as independent and fulfilling lives as possible. Having a living space where they can come and go as they please is so important in being able to achieve this aim.

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