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Wood Street garden project goes live with help from Allchurches Trust

As the sun makes a welcome reappearance this week, we are delighted to see our Wood Street garden design project get off the ground. A further contribution towards the cost of this project from the Allchurches Trust will go a long way to helping us build the eagerly awaited sensory garden.

We are extremely grateful for the trust’s generous donation. The sensory garden will provide all-weather access for our clients to enjoy at any time of the year.

A sensory garden will play an important part in enhancing the living conditions for our clients. It will be full of interest and stimulation, broken down into sections and ‘rooms’ for clients to explore. These spaces will have different colours, scents, types of shade and tactile experiences. The whole garden will be wheelchair accessible.

Wood Street is home to six residents with a range of learning disabilities, including mental health issues, physical disability, epilepsy, autism and other challenging behaviours.

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