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Mitzvah Day collection goes to help young mothers at APH

On Mitzvah Day, volunteers give their time to make a difference to their local community. Although Jewish led, the volunteers bring together people of all faiths and backgrounds, building longstanding, genuine relationships.

This year volunteers in northwest London collected items at Sainsbury’s Supermarket in Finchley Road, to donate to Andrew Provan House (APH) for the young mothers and their babies who live there.

APH provides a safe haven for vulnerable families seeking refuge from abuse and homelessness. As well as offering a home, residents are given support to help them regain their confidence and the ability to go on to lead independent lives after leaving Field Lane’s care.

The volunteers who made the collection plan to do the same next Mitzvah Day!

Special thanks to Susanne, Amina, Ali, Rakesh, Farrid, Daniela, Fahim and the South Hampstead Synagogue Youth Group .

For more information about Mitzvah Day and how you can get involved, visit the website:

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