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Sally's story - told by her mum, Lisa

  • Why did you choose one of Field Lane’s supported-living projects?

I had been my daughter, Sally’s primary carer for 20 years. It was a very difficult decision to make. Sally has a syndrome, which has a severe impact on her development; she does not talk and has autism. I had many reservations about her going into a care situation. But finding Field Lane was a blessing. Since moving to the project last year (2018), her social development has really come on and she is happy living there. The house has a great vibe and it’s fun. The staff is all very caring and professional. It has exactly the right ethos and is very inclusive and respectful of both clients and their families.

  • How has living in a FL supported-living project changed your daughter’s life?

Sally is more independent. She has always been ‘needy’ but since moving into Field Lane she has learned from others and is more patient. The interaction she has with other clients and the staff has been key. It has enabled her to ‘leave home’. She smiles all the time and is popular with everyone there.

  • What impact has it had on you and your family?

It has been such a weight off my mind and has had a positive impact on our whole family. I’ve even gone back to work. I’m still very involved in her life and visit at least once a week. The staff makes an effort to involve me in activities and decisions.

  • How is Field Lane different from other care-giving organisations?

One of the biggest differences is the element of fun. There is so much on offer for Sally in terms of activities and stimulation. It is very social, which has been great for Sally. The project is very well managed. I get a strong sense that the staff is genuinely passionate and always wants the best for clients. I am a big advocate and have often recommended Field Lane to other parents.

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