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An interview with Stephen Cockburn, one of our donors

Pictured: Stephen and his wife, Judy at our thank-you reception for donors last year, at the House of Lords.

  • What is it about Field Lane's work that appeals to you?

It is a well-organised and robust charity, with a long established history. The fact it originally sprung from the City of London is especially appealing. The foundation of which I am a trustee focuses support on charities and institutions located in the City and those having originated from the City of London, where our founder worked.

Field Lane's work with vulnerable people is an especially worthy cause. I know from talking to people involved with Field Lane how important the work is and the positive impact it has on its clients and their families.

  • Why did you become a donor?

I have some personal connection with people who have learning disabilities. I am acutely aware of what can be done to provide care and support to improve their lives. We are pleased and willing to help where we can by providing finance.

  • What surprised you most about working with Field Lane?

I was delighted to discover the history of Field Lane and the fact it is still going strong. It is fascinating to go back to the area of the Ragged School – off Farringdon Road – where there are now enormous new office blocks, housing multi-million pound businesses, standing on the spot where Andrew Provan gave life to his idea for helping the poor. Although it has grown and developed, and now offers very different services from those of its founder, Field Lane still works with disadvantaged people who continue to be dependent on the goodwill of others.

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