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Foundation’s donation helps to keep residents safe and cared for

The Kathleen Smith Foundation has donated £4,670 to Andrew Provan House (APH), as a significant contribution towards supporting and enhancing the lives of our residents there.

APH provides a safe haven for vulnerable families, many of who are homeless. We offer the families in our care the support they need to help them get back on their feet and go on to lead independent lives.

To do this we offer counselling and practical advice. We also provide practical help with childcare and educational support.

The families who come to us have been through difficult times and it’s important we offer the welcoming home, with good facilities. Each family is allocated their own flat and our staff is available around the clock – giving much-needed peace of mind.

The money from the foundation will go toward keeping up this high level of care and support, and ensuring all of our residents feel safe and cared for.

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