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Sally's story

Here's another story from a resident in one of our supported-living projects.

Sally, the eldest of five children, suffered complications when she was born, which resulted in her sustaining a number of physical and learning disabilities.

Her parents received some support from local health care services to enable them to keep Sally at home and with her siblings. But with her challenging needs and the number of younger siblings who also needed care and attention, there was little respite for Sally’s parents. Her family were part of a local support group for other families who had children with disabilities, offering each other help and guidance through difficult times.

Sally attended a local school for children with disabilities and received support with physiotherapy, speech therapy as well as support to build communication and social skills with her peers.

When she was 16 years old, Sally’s family were forced to send her to a specialist residential school out of the area due to a lack of such facilities in the area where they lived. Sally attended the school for three years, going home on some weekends and through the summer holidays.

At the end of her schooling the family were advised to seek a local care home or housing project to meet Sally’s needs. At that time Field Lane had recently opened a supported-living project in Westcliff-on-Sea. A large house, the project could support six adults with varying learning and physical disabilities. Each bedroom offered an en suite bathroom, with shared lounge kitchen area, where every resident had his or her own fridge and cupboard.

The project was ideal for Sally, who was keen to have her own space but also have her family living close enough to visit regularly. Sally still lives in the house today. Supported by Field Lane staff, she leads as independent a life as possible. A vibrant young woman, Sally lives life to the full.

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