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DJ equipment for Redhill social club

We owe a debt of gratitude to Stephen Cockburn Charitable Trust, Timpson Ltd and Maria Stewart for funding the DJ equipment for our Surrey projects.

Field Lane runs a Social Club for people with a learning disability in Redhill, Surrey. It is a very well attended club that allows people to meet and form friendships and relationships within the local community.

The majority of the club is managed by members, e.g. the café, the front desk and the DJ, as well as setting and packing the equipment before and after the event. At certain points during the year we hold special events e.g. annual summer BBQ.

The disco equipment was on its last legs, the speakers had blown and needed to be replaced urgently. The club has really helped Field Lane become well known across the county. A lot of the Surrey providers and social workers attend, which helps to raise awareness of our charitable work locally.

The disco gives people with learning difficulties the chance to do something they would not normally do, it gives them the confidence to meet their own friends socially in their local areas. They meet other people, make friends and learn to mix. It’s heartening when old friends get together. We would like them to meet up more regularly without being supported, so our clients can develop a social life that is not in a segregated environment.

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